Celebrate your success!

How do you build up a broad movement? “No matter how small your victories are, there’s nothing more infectious than success.” In this video John Jackson gives useful tips on how to motivate people to join your movement.

Since more than two decades John Jackson organizes and promotes campaigns on human rights, economic justice, antipersonnel landmines, HIV/AIDS, and climate change. Together with Steve Crawshaw he wrote the book “Small Acts of Resistance“, a collection of stories that show how courage, perseverance and ingenuity can change the world. He has conducted research in a number of conflict areas in Asia and as vice president of social responsibility for MTV Networks International he currently develops worldwide campaigns.

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Source:  http://www.everydayrebellion.net/john-jackson-celebrate-your-success

7 tips for better smartphone photography

Making a video or picture go viral depends on various aspects, luck being one of them. However, we all carry around smartphones with great cameras and the the quality or the uniqueness of a photo or video can be controlled by ourselves and proves to be essential for the effectiveness to get your message across. In 7 words: Be inspired and learn from these people!