How to protest without Violence?

How to protest without using violence?  Non-profit organization created a video explaining this  in 13 steps.

‘For your protest to succeed, you need passion — but don’t let your passion reach a boiling point. Keep your protest peaceful, and you’ll achieve better results.’

Find out how to protest without violence —> watch the video on Howcast




Skills above conditions


Conditions are important for planning, but what really makes a change are skills!


Srdja Popovic is a cofounder and key figure of the Serbian resistance movement “Otpor!”, that helped topple Slobodan Milosevic in a non-violent way in 2000. See more at:
Source: everydayrebellion

7 tips for better smartphone photography

Making a video or picture go viral depends on various aspects, luck being one of them. However, we all carry around smartphones with great cameras and the the quality or the uniqueness of a photo or video can be controlled by ourselves and proves to be essential for the effectiveness to get your message across. In 7 words: Be inspired and learn from these people!