In Memoriam: 200 000 Syrians

On October 30th PAX organized a public action to ask attention for the violence against Syrian citizens. More than 200 000 Syrians are killed in the last few years. Right in front of the parliament in The Hague, we set up a commemoration service together with a silent protest to remember all Syrian victims. Dark clothing, white roses, the crown, the obituaries, and the grey weather made the memorial powerful and purposeful, while being sober at the same time.

A few stories were told to show our respect for the fallen ones in Syria. Syrian activist and blogger Marcell was one of these speakers, since she lost a few of her loved ones as well. Her story was full of hope, despite the surrounding violence in the Middle East. Marcell wants us to see the Syrian population not as victims, but as true heroes.

Also two Syrian women who fled to the Netherlands a while ago, but still have family members living in Syria, wanted to share their message. One of them read a love letter for us, written by her sister who lost her husband who was killed in a bombardment from the Assad-regime. We must not forget that husbands are killed, even as daughters, suns, mothers, and fathers. The stories were alternated with the beautiful sounds of the ud – a Syrian flute.

With the memorial we want to ask Iran and Russia to urge their ally of Al-Assad to stop using explosive weapons against civilians. Syrian citizens are determinedly killed right now, and it has to stop. The terror of ISIS is the most visible, but most victims in Syria are killed by aimed violence of their own government.

PAX is supporting the petition of #WithSyria, to call the heads of the governments for ending the violence in Syria. We cannot undo what already happened, but we can change the future.

We are calling out for action against the use of violence in Syria, and we still believe in a peaceful and free Syria.