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Nathalie Fallaha; Vit-e; Beirut, Lebanon


Imadaddin Babikir; Sudan


Maiya Hershey; I Leaf Art; Beirut, Lebanon




Full list of participants and skills

Horsh Beirut + Ramlet al Bayda Campaigns NAHNOO Jessica Chemali Coordinator of the campaigns
Mariam Al Amin Activist
Greenline Yara Mansour Environmental activist
Save Jesuites Garden Roger ghanem Activist public spaces / Actor and & casting director
National Campaign for Sustainable Transportation Raya Haddad Critical Mass (cycling organization) + professional photographer & artist
Indyact Christophe Maroun Project Coordinator
NAHNOO Mohammad ayoub Director
Joana Hammour Program Developer
I Leaf Art Maiya Hershey Graphic designer: illustration in public spaces
Individual activist Stephanie Yared Graphic designer
NAHNOO Souheil Activist, Resident of Tareek al Jdideh (Stadium area)
We Love Tripoli Taha Naji Director: Lebanese youth-led organization promoting cultural, social & environmental activism in Tripoli
Nazih Chami Design student
Individual activist Hayat Chaaban Graffiti artist / FineArt student / Tour guide
Individual activist Mira Minkara Tour guide / developmenet of Tripoli through local and international tourism
Individual activist Khaled Merhebe Lawyer
Our garden is our Image (“Jneinetna Souretna” campaign) – NAHNOO Amira Hamayed
Hamra Theatre Kassem Istanbouli Theatre Maker/Actor/Activist
Sama for Development Widad el Sabeh
Baalbeck Temple in the Heart of Baalbeck (Baalbeck Bi Alb Baaleck) – NAHNOO Chahinaz Tabikh Activist, campaign coordinator
Vit-e Nathalie Fallaha Branding / campaign experience
Zoomal Aisha T. Habli Crowdfundraising: mobilizing Resources (human + funds)
PAX Sudan Imadaddin Babikir Works with young activists in Sudan
Peace Dialogue NGO Armen Papyan Activist specialized in Video (cinematographer / filmmaker): making it practical; direct action
Govright Heath Morrison Focus on technology and activism /focus on fostering civic particip in decision-making & enhancing online claim-making capability
Butterfly Works Lisanne van Vliet Co-creation specialist
Former intern Activist Hive (PAX) Irma Brassinga
PAX Pim Gerritsen Program Officer Peace Activism 2.0
PAX Evert-Jan Grit Program Officer Middle East