PAX supports Syrian activists

Adopt a Revolution


Do you want to support Syrian activists? Visit Adopt a Revolution and find out how!

Adopt a Revolution is a crowdfunding campaign to support nonviolent activism in Syria. For more than three years, Syrian activists keep protesting for human rights and freedom under the risk of their lives. They organise themselves in local committees to offer a real alternative to civil war and military intervention. The activists supported by Adopt a Revolution do not only fight dictatorships, but also the violence provoked by armed groups. Despite all the violence they do not give up hope, as they still believe in a better future. As a matter of fact: they are working on it now and they need your help.  And all they need is strenghth and solidarity!

Through Adopt a Revolution you can support one of these nonviolent actions: it supports over thirty different projects. Adopt a Revolution was launched by Syrian and German activists in the fall of 2011 in the face of the brutal persecution of the peaceful uprising against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. By ‘adopting’ one of these projects, you will give financial support, create solidarity, transfer resourceful knowledge, and be part of the civil intervention.

In the Netherlands we have our own branch of Adopt a Revolution, which supports five local projects in Syria. For example the projects of Kesh Malek, of which activist and blogger Marcell Shehwaro is one of the founders. Kesh Malek wants to counteract current polarisation by setting up schools in destroyed Aleppo, to provide the children who still live there with worthy education. One of these school is the Mustafa Qarman-school, named after one of the founders – and one of Marcell’s best friends – who unfortunately got killed by Al-Assad’s army.

Through Adopt a Revolution your donation will end in exactly the right place – at local, bottum-up, unarmed activism. Strengthen non-violent resistance

Adopt started in Germany in 2010 (also in English). Pax runs the Dutch campaign since march 2011.