Day-by-day & Method Mitrovica

Co-creation method

Developed by Butterfly Works

Co-creation expresses the idea that ‘none of us are as smart as all of us’; that an action plan or campaign will dramatically improve by involving makers, thinkers, authors and end-users. Co-creation results in more concrete and relevant programs, more effective collaborations and more impact. Social innovation studio Butterfly Works is involved in the Activist Academies to support this innovative, action-oriented work method during the Academies.

Social issue

Public space, citizenship, social cohesion and social change are strongly intertwined and of great importance to activists from different backgrounds. The goal of this Activist Academy is to jointly create a concrete action and/or campaign that addresses a concrete problem of public space and activism. More specifically, on the matter of the bridge in the centre and its function for bridging the population of north and south Mitrovica. 

Elaborated day-to-day

Day 1 – Laying the foundation

* get to know each other
* clear view of the aim of the Academy
* mapping & alignment of the different expectations
* intro Activist Hive / Activist Lab
* introduction Urban development & public engagement
* area mapping: photo walk


Day 2 – Innovate: idea generation

* capture the social issue
* capture learnings photo walk
* actor mapping
* learn from the experts: urban development
* risks & opportunities investigation: influencers
* first ideas campaign

Day 3 – Make it practical

* brand identity
* resources
* activity plan
* learn from the experts: branding & campaigning
* making sessions
* introduction & preparation of expo

Day 4 – Activist hive & expo

* discuss the future execution of ideas
* capture the learnings
* translate the lessons learned in action points
* wishes for future exchange using the Activist Hive
* expo – start the movement